Is this the new Google Drive?

Google DriveSpotted at an event powered by Google, for a few seconds this screen appeared which looks like it could be the much rumored Google Drive. What do you guys think?

Read also about the latest rumors about Google Drive on Techcrunch

Update: Techcrunch picked up my picture and agrees with me: It’s the soon to be launched Google Drive!

Update 2012.04.26: I guess I was right 🙂 It has finally arrived!

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  1. […] 最近Google Drive似乎真的要死灰复燃了。社交媒体顾问Johannes Wigand在参加一个由Google赞助的活动上拍摄到了一个有趣的截图(上图),这货不就是Google Drive吗?左上角有lego式的Google logo,logo下方是Drive字样。整体界面新风格,上侧是硬又黑的Sandbar,登录着Google.com的内部帐号,左侧列表里似乎是一些文件夹? news ← 调查:英10岁以下儿童10%有iPhone 5%有iPad [图]苹果图标为何现身三星店 → /* */ […]

  2. How is it this any different than Google Docs, that supports so many types of files? It seems redundant to me, unless there’s some special feature we don’t know about. Between Google Docs and Google Music Beta, I don’t see a need for it.

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